Demonstrations are an alternative dark guitar pop three-piece based in  Brighton, UK, combining eclectic influences of 80s synth new wave and  indie rock. Their live performance has been described as a raw, dramatic  exploration of diverse genres – from abrasive, energised noise to  enigmatic, idling back-beat motifs – in the vein of XTC, Dry Cleaning &  HEALTH. Demonstrations leave an immersive, dream-like energy in their  wake.


The band began as a bedroom project four years ago by creating  self-produced demos, spending an entire year rehearsing and writing  before playing their first shows towards the end of 2017. They have  since continued to experiment with  their sound through home recording, Their debut  track ‘Extradite’ released in August  2018 captures their more abrasive, earlier noise rock influences. They  channelled this energy further towards a more polished, guitar pop  release ‘Kingfisher’ in November 2018 that gained notoriety within the Brighton DIY scene,  after a sold-out single launch show at the compact upstairs space of the East Street Tap. The following single they recorded with Theo Verney and released in May 2019 ‘Holy Water’ incorporates choppy electronic samples to create a new-wave indie anthem with a fast-paced danceability; their accompanying music video shot in London’s East End captures the  bands growing identity and style.


 Demonstrations are set to conquer after having landed support slots with the likes of YAK,  FEET, FUR, Hotel Lux, Avalanche Party, DITZ, Crocodiles and Famous; as well as playing  alongside notable rising local names World News, Youth Sector and GURU.


2020 is proving to be a big year for Demonstrations. Their latest single 'Clang!' captured the imaginations of their fans and beyond with a sold out single launch show at the Hope and Ruin in Brighton, Melita Dennett has also shown her support, playing 'Clang!' numerous times on her BBC introducing: The south radio show. There is still much more to come.